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So i come and read these blogs from time to time hoping to see the same familiar faces are still doing good and winning their fights etc. only to see a few of them havent posted in a while which of course gets me worried about them as its easy to assume the worst. however, looking back i havent posted for a couple years either so how would people know i was okay?

so just letting you all know i'm okay, i finished uni and have been working as a radiographer for the last 19 months. its had its challenges, i see the medical professionals side of cancer all too often, and mine has been coming back for the past two years so i'm both patient and staff atm.

anyway, love you all. god bless

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It is an eye opener being on both sides. Good luck to you!!
Hi Ben, with all the treatments and advancements in cancer research many of us are here and will be for a very long time, yes sadly we do lose a friend from time to time which is sad but I feel that every year brings more hope for all of our cancer friends. Thanks for posting it'seems nice to hear from you..
Woo! Thank you for letting us seem to be living on the principle of enjoying each day, the only day we have. Hope you carry on for a long time - and pop back in to say so! Hugs!
OMG, Ben, it is SO nice to see your post and know that you're okay! Congratulations on finishing your education and getting your career going! I'm sure you've learned a lot and I'm also sure you've educated a lot of other people since you've been on both sides. I wish you all the very best and hope that you won't stay away from here so long next time! Take care and may God bless!

Isn't it ironic that you get to experience the field you work in? I teach medical science and teach about imaging... now I have first hand experience with every type of machine! Crazy stuff!
Ben, good to hear from you. I'm glad you are graduated and working in your field, and I'll keep praying for the time to come when you will be just the professional and not the patient. Some you know are still here, but things are a little slow on Saturdays. Again, glad you posted. God bless.
Ben it is so good to hear from you I was thinking about you the other da and hoping all was well. I had been talking to a friend of mine about bucket list items and told her that I wanted to see the Atlantic Highway in Norway and thought about you and your trip there. it has been a busy year for me as I have not posted since last spring and hopefully can and will soon, so good to hear you are done university and your perspective of having been on both sides of the fence . There is a wonderful book out called "My Stroke of Insight " by a brain doctor who had a stroke in her early 30s , anyway being my dad had a stroke and my mom had terminal brain cancer it really made good sense written from her perspective. Please when you get some time I think you should write one too after all you went through. I had my annual brain MRI yesterday and am suffering from scanaxity more the normal as. I have developed a dead thyroid,which they say is from H and N radiation, but I can't help wondering if my Pituitary tumor has changed, oh well I will find out this week. I am rambling but just wanted to let you know hearing from you always puts a smile on my face! Hugs and I wish nothing but the best for you xoxo
Hi glad to hear that you are OK! I have not posted either for a couple of years and certainly lots of changes with my life. Got married, left Canada and moved the the Netherlands. Health is good here! A very nice surprise to hear from you again!
Ben! I'm so happy to hear you're doing well. I re-read your blog in it's entirety after I was diagnosed with a brain tumor last April and have been keeping my fingers crossed that you are doing well and thriving. My tumor is deep in the pineal region (as a radiologist, you know what i'm talking about) and I opted NOT to have deep brain surgery. No biopsy, either - which is just as intrusive. So it is being monitored via MRI for growth, and I've had a lumbar puncture which shows the tumor is secreting substances similar to a germinoma. Obviously, if the tumor ceases to be stable I'll have to revisit the idea of surgery, but I'm pretty grateful to be taking each day as it comes. Which is exactly as you are doing, smart young man that you are. Post more often if you can, Ben: you're MY inspiration. If you can get through all this cancer crap, go to uni, earn your degree, and then work full time - well, you're a pretty extraordinary fellow. May your next MRI be completely clean.....💪🏽
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Back to University

Just a quick update, I’m back at university for my final year of radiography, which starts in placement. So I’m back in hospital working this time which is much nicer. As expected fatigue is quite high, but its manageable at the moment. Good to be back in a normal life. Only One or two people here know about the tumour so I’m treated normally, so it doesn’t come up in discussion, so I pretty much forget all about it, the supplements and meds have become such a routine now that I don’t really think about why I am taking them so it rarely crosses my mind apart from when I get headaches. All in all, I’m very happy and fortunate to go back to an almost normal life for now.

next scan on the 21st October.

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This is such great news! Ben I wish you the very best and am so glad you are having a bit of the life you deserve! Good Luck with everything in the future dear Ben and please keep us informed, you have put the biggest smile on my face with your post today! Sunshine and Smiles to you and lots of hugs xoxo
Hi Ben!

So good to hear from you! Getting your life back to normal is the best thing you can do--good for you. You are an amazing young man and I admire your courage and strength in not letting anything get in your way. I know you are working hard so that you can help others. God bless you for that. Take care and come back here often--it's always good to hear from you.

Wonderful news!! The fatigue is the pits, but each day gets a bit better!! Hang in there, stay strong and healthy!!
Plus: you've passed the one year anniversary of your diagnosis!
Congratulations on achieving all these milestones: one year and counting, back to school, coming to terms with a new normal. Way to go, cancer warrior!! XOXO Sue
Wow that is terrific! Good luck on your semester at university. Take it easy on your body. So amazing how you have guided your recovery so effectively.
So glad to hear it! May the future hold much more of the same good news.
Great news!!!
Ben this means so much to pick up now and go forward... It's amazing all you have been through and now to get back to the university is just miraculous. Have you been thinking of your next vacation yet? I think how our health is very private. I am a very private person anyways and I keep it that way. This has made me very happy Ben .. hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
HEY there, so nice to read a happy post, and yes it is lovely sometimes to move out of Cancer World. Just come back and give us the news from time to time!
What wonderful news. Well done to you Hope all goes well Hugs Annabelle
I love that you are moving on with your life. Somehow keeping busy can sometimes make us feel less tired as we don't have time to think about it as much. Remember to still get lots of rest and make time for honouring you.... Very best wishes.
You are an inspiration! Stay strong brother.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY for 17th Ben. Hope you are well & everything is good with you Hugs Annabelle
Hi Ben Its been a year since this post .. how are you my friend:) hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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